This one’s for you LH Johnson and Sarah Franklin or Rising to the twitter challenge


I put down the phone.  I’m shaking all over.

She just said yes! so now I must show her

how worthwhile I am – how worth every penny

Got to do deals for her – not one but many.

But first we must meet, get down to brass tacks

Her book is superb but she’s got to relax

She’s trying too hard, wants to show off her talents

But bits of this book are not working: off balance.

I hope we can shape it, and see eye to eye

(I hope I can edit without making her cry)

This second draft’s better – my God she’s good!

But I’ve still got suggestions, and know where she should

Make cuts and improvements, make moments that soar

If I’m asking this of her I have to be sure.

I’ve pitched it to editors, they want something hot

I tell them I’m certain that that’s what I’ve got.

At last it’s ready – it’s time to get going

By the end of next week I’ve a good chance of knowing

If I was right and this book will be published next year

Or was I alone in my faith: that’s my fear.

But no! they all love it! They all want to buy it

I pick up the phone to my author – she’s quiet.

Can you now see why I love what I do?

For her, at that moment, a dream has come true


PS I do also represent men, but they don’t set me annoying twitter challenges.













7 thoughts on “This one’s for you LH Johnson and Sarah Franklin or Rising to the twitter challenge

  1. So who bought it Jo? All very exciting – or does this mean that they’ve all told you they want to buy it, the editors that is, and will be bidding before you go to the Frankfurt Book Fair? Either way it’s exciting, well done and may everything that you desire come true. Can’t wait to read whatever it is (a book-length poem?)

    • Oh Minty – you’re going to be very disappointed. I tweeted ‘what shall I do for my blog today’ and LH Johnson said ‘say what happens after you sign on a new author’ and Sarah Fraklin said ‘write it in verse’. This blog was the result of those red rags and my bullishness. Sadly NOT a description of what is going on this week pre-Frankfurt. But it’s only a matter of time, and you’ll recognise the feelings all too well

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