South London writers’ dog walk (no dog necessary)


Anyone who follows this blog knows I have a dog.  I walk her every morning before work, and usually I’m thinking about books.  What I’m reading, what I’m working on, how I can help improve something, how I can bring something to people’s attention.  Sometimes I phone an author on my dog walk, sometimes an editor, sometimes I fantasise about one of ‘my’ authors winning the Booker.  And sometimes (but only sometimes) I want company.

So I thought…

How about if once a month anyone who wanted could come along?  Whether your writing is going brilliantly, or you’re finding it hard to keep going.  Published, self-published, yet to be published.  If you were interested, I could tell you a bit about the publishing process, and about finding an agent.  If a few people turn up we can chat to each other about writing, editing, publishing stuff.  Maybe editors, editorial assistants, other agents might join?  Just a 45 minute walk once a month.  Once round the park.  What do you say?

First one is Thursday 23rd Jan at 8.30 (IN THE MORNING).  I’ll be at the Brockwell Park lido car park whatever the weather.  Maybe see you there?

5 thoughts on “South London writers’ dog walk (no dog necessary)

  1. I’d love to join you but fear that it’s just to far away with the school run and all – if you ever fancy doing a tour I’d love to invite you to walk through Hatfield House grounds when it re-opens at Easter, it’s beautiful and I would also provide refreshments SX

  2. What a wonderful idea. If I didn’t live half a world away I would join you. And if my dog didn’t think other dogs were snacks she would join us too. (We adopted her from an animal shelter when she was six years old. No amount of training, dog whisperers and behaviourists have been able to dissuade her from feeling only antipathy towards her fellow canines.)

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